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Bearing requirements of papermaking equipment


The modern papermaking procedure can be divided into the main steps of pulping, modulation, papermaking, and processing. Among them, paper-making machinery is particularly important, involving many types of machines, such as refiners, pressure screens, filters, forming machines, dryers, separation equipment, etc.

Bearing requirements of papermaking equipment

1. Online use reliability:

The paper machine should ensure continuous and uninterrupted work to ensure normal maintenance before it can be shut down. Therefore, when selecting and configuring bearings, extremely high reliability in online use is the most important reference index.

2. Ease of installation and disassembly:

In the normal maintenance process, the bearing can be quickly disassembled and installed to reduce downtime and create more value.

3. Abnormal automatic compensation:

Factors such as roll length, temperature, and bearing support position may cause axial elongation of the shaft, resulting in misalignment or axial offset of the bearing. The bearing must be able to adapt to changes in operating conditions.

4. Corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance:

The high-humidity environment in the wet end of the paper machine will seriously damage the lubrication and ultimately affect the bearing life, while the high working temperature of the dry cylinder and the working temperature of the bearing also affect the lubrication performance of the bearing. Therefore, higher requirements are placed on bearings.

5. Accuracy and speed adaptation:

In the process of configuring and selecting bearings, the adaptability of the bearing itself at high speed must be considered, and radial clearance C3/C4 is generally recommended.